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Athletic Nutrition

A properly fuelled and hydrated body is an amazing machine capable of breaking barriers and beating out the best in competition. Through a combination of science, nutritional analysis and a comprehensive needs analysis, Tania will help you improve your overall health, performance and energy!

Success in sports is not just about training. Take your nutrition as seriously as you do your training and get an edge on the competition.

Who is Athletic Nutrition for?

This one on one service is for you if you want:

✓   Allows you to train harder longer.  

✓  Delays onset of fatigue.


✓  Improves body composition and strength

✓ Enhances concentration

✓ Prepares the body for the next day's workout.

✓ Helps maintain healthy immune function. 

✓ Reduce the potential for injury

Is this you? Let's chat so I can give you all of the details!

Image by Filip Mroz

What's Included?

This service includes:

One-hour consultation complete with an analysis of diet, gut health, macro and micronutrients. Follow-up appointments and check-ins.

Kick-start your nutrition with some great habits customized for you. 


Diet and lifestyle recommendations.


Customized meal plans for your training. 

Ready to get started?

Are you an athlete ready to take it up a notch? Get my free food guide now!

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