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Nature Therapy

For more about Nature Therapy, Yoga and Padddleboarding, click the button below.

Who is Nature Therapy for?

"Nature therapy is great for mental wellness. Not only does paddleboarding help others build their confidence but it is also a connection to the earth’s energy that supports a feeling of connection to something bigger.

Have you ever been so completely in your head with thoughts or even worry that the outside world doesn’t even exist?

The moment you get out into nature it is difficult to think about your to-dos. What is fore-front in your brain is taking in your surroundings and staying on your board. I love to paddleboard in a local Conservation Area filled with wildlife. I suffer from bouts of anxiety and getting outside for me is honestly pure bliss."

- Thrive Global. Tania Mercuri


Book a Lesson if you want to:

✓  Take a break from the busy.   

✓  Try something new.


✓  Re-energize and re-charge in Nature. 

Is this you? Let's chat so I can give you all of the details!

Image by Tim Swaan

Services Offered:

Booking Nature Therapy for You or a Group:

✓ Yoga in the Vineyard.  

✓ Paddleboard Lessons.

✓ Paddleboard Yoga / Fitness

✓ Half day Retreats in Niagara.

✓ Coming soon...Yoga & SUP Retreats.

Ready to get started?

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