My Story...

Hey there! I'm Tania. I am an outdoor enthusiast, sports fan, a yogi, a paddleboard teacher, and a Nutritionist.

Family Life: One of my superpowers is working on balancing work, family, eating well. My kids are all young adult athletes and I teach them how to fuel their bodies. We all work together in the kitchen now and actually argue over healthy leftovers. And we have our favourite indulgences too! 


My Health Struggles: I got to this point in my career and life because of dealing with past struggles and experiences. Ever since I was young I struggled with digestive issues. After the birth of my fourth child, I wanted to feel better and find energy. I took up yoga as a way to find calm and exercise.

As a child, as a young adult, and as a Mom I struggled with dealing with stressors. I had some tools to help but I wanted to get more information and build healthy habits to deal with my stressors and auto-immune condition of Psoriasis. I love sharing my story so I can inspire and help others in their health journey! Over the years, I tried every detox/diet out there. I devoured books on the latest health and diet trends. I tried shake programs, detox programs, Keto, Autoimmune diet, low FODMAP. I took time to research, enrolled to become a Holistic Nutritionist, and created an easy-to-follow program to ditch my unhealthy habits.

I found the best of all the diets and created a healthy habits program. Personally, I don't believe in diets but rather in building healthy habits. 


If any of this sounds familiar to you I know how you are feeling. I have been in your shoes, time and time again, sometimes daily. Sometimes it feels like you are starting all over again. Feeling great and then not so. I have ridden that roller coaster ride, the ups and downs of feeling good and then not. Sometimes not wanting to be social and feeling just stuck. Something needed to change. That's why I created my programs and information blog to bring some mindfulness back in and feel better. It's one step forward that is not going to feel like three steps back. Know that I am here to support you. Lots of knowledge and experiences to share.


Movement Practice:

What I first thought of as a little exercise has become so much more!

I want to share with you the practice and create a safe and just what you need practice.

This year in March 2020,  helping others became a lifesaver for me. Being essentially out of work and unconnected to my students I found satisfaction in online teaching. Offering online yoga to essential workers, people stuck far from home, and friends changed the way I taught and practiced. To me, the practice of yoga is about getting on my mat. We don't have to drive the distance to find what we are looking for. Its right where you are. Anytime, anywhere, live or on demand. 

Join me for a Yoga class. I have created a signature class to build a strong CORE!

I have been a yoga teacher for years now and there are so many wonderful benefits to yoga. 

With the addition of Pilates, the combo class is an excellent way to find strength and stability and core activation. It is the perfect complement to a yoga class especially for those looking to build a stronger core. 


Yoga Credits and Training.

Hatha / Iyengar Style yoga.

Vinyasa/ Hot Power yoga.

Standup Paddleboard yoga. (PaddleInto Fitness, WP, Paddle Canada)

Kids. teen, youth yoga. 



Stott Pilates mat and Reformer training. 

Yoga teaching has given me so much. It is a wonderful feeling to help others get stronger, more flexible and find ease. Not only is it a physical sensation but also a mindset. Helping others balance their busy lives with a physical practice as well as letting go of the busy mind.

Move your body and you will feel stronger, healthier, and more alive.

Practice Anytime, Anywhere. 

Tania Mercuri 

Join me to see how easy it is, and how good it feels, to incorporate yoga and pilates into your everyday busy life!


Let's do this Together!

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