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Gut Health, Hormone Balancing & Athlete Nutrition.

Let me help you optimize your nutrition with custom food plans, therapeutic lifestyle recommendations, and guidance. 

I'm a mom-of-four, an outdoor enthusiast, sports fan, a yogi, a paddleboard teacher, and a Nutritionist. 

As a multi-passionate woman, I don't want anything holding me back from living the life I want. When I was younger, I struggled with digestive issues and stressors that impacted my daily life.  I tried every detox and diet out there to feel better, but it wasn't until I received an Hons. Degree in Nutrition, became a Nutritionist (CNP, NNCP), and put my lessons into action that I started feeling better. ​Not only was it about food and movement but it was also a journey to the root cause.

Let me help you on your health journey.

Now, I love sharing my story so that I can inspire and educate others in their health journey. 


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"Suffering from chronic pain and fatigue is sometimes overwhelming, but the healthy habits and modifications I made working with Tania have had a huge impact. My energy is much better, especially in the late afternoon and evening. And guess what, pain is a lot more manageable."

- Natalie

"Overall, Tania, I'm feeling grateful! Thank you for working with me. I haven't been perfect, but it has raised my awareness about my choices and habits. Thank you so much."

- Jen

“I am so grateful for the guidance. the new recipes and habits have made a huge impact on my performance. "

- Grace


What is Your Hormone Type?
Knowing your hormone type will lead to a better understanding of why your metabolism has slowed and weight loss has become a challenge. Learn which type you are plus what types of exercises you can do to balance your hormones and get rid of that stubborn weight now. 
Let's chat. 

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Are you an athlete ready to take it up a notch? Get my free food guide now! Let's chat.

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