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Why Do You Need to Do a Hormone Detox?

What Are Hormones?

Hormones are chemical substances that influence the functioning of the body. Essentially, hormones are messengers that control and coordinate activities all through the body.

Why Are They Important?

Hormones help determine weight, physique, mood, fertility, behavior, digestion, and pretty much everything else, so it is paramount to keep them stable. If you have a clear understanding of what the major hormones do in the body, then you’ll be able to take charge of your health.

For example, Melatonin in the brain ensures that you sleep soundly at night. Cortisol modulates your stress response. Thyroid hormones are responsible for metabolism.

Hormonal Imbalance - A Major Concern

Hormonal imbalance has the power to destroy your health, impact your weight, skin and the quality of your sleep. Hormones imbalance can trigger diarrhea and constipation as well as nausea and that fight or flight response that makes you want to run for safety. Hormones help manage extreme stress and can keep depression at bay.

Your liver is the major organ in play when we’re working on hormones. It is the primary detoxification and filtration system that cleanses your blood and protects your body from toxins. When hormones have done their job and are spent, the body dumps them into the bloodstream where they are sent to the liver to be neutralized and excreted through bile, stool, or urine.

The Benefits of Doing a Hormone Detox / Balancing your Hormones

Detoxification has many benefits:

· Boosts Your Immune System

A huge effect of detoxification is that your body tends to perform much better at digestion, has stable cortisol levels, and gets out of the cycle of chronic stress and inflammation. This leads to improved immune response.

· Decreases Inflammation

By keeping your diet healthy and full of nutrients(on a whole food detox), you will experience significantly reduced inflammation, thus making you less susceptible to chronic diseases.

· Gives You healthier-looking skin

Getting rid of toxins, free radicals, and heavy metals will not only keep you healthy inside but will also make your skin look healthy and fresh. A whole food detox also floods the body with nutrients needed to really get your glow on!

· Enhance your Mood

An excess of toxins and free radicals affects brain performance and interferes with a person’s mental and emotional state. By getting rid of these toxins, you will experience a significant improvement in terms of mood and your overall energy level. Reducing cortisol and regulating sleep also helps with mood.

· Balances Weight

A stressed body holds weight. Why? Stress equates to the feeling of being chased by a saber-toothed tiger or facing famine and not knowing when the next meal will come. The body’s innate survival mechanism opts to store fat if food is scarce or stress is prolonged. Fat is burned for fuel in a process called ketosis. The long and short is, reducing the stress often allows stubborn weight to balance without extraordinary effort. As thyroid hormones normalize and the liver is better able to function weight balances.

How would it feel to enjoy some of the benefits of a detox? How would it feel to have balanced energy, a rocking sex drive, sound, deep, restorative sleep, glowing skin, and no more fear of stepping on the scale? If you are ready for balance and ready for a program that works, I’ve got the perfect solution.

Let's chat about finding balance.

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