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A Nutrition Consultation with Tania is for women who are:

-Willing to critically look at their current habits and add in healthier ones

-Struggling with symptoms such as: having trouble sleeping, poor digestion, or feel like their hormones are impacting their life in a negative way

-Want better performance, strength and energy
-Ready to get back on track

A Nutrition Consultation with Tania is NOT for women who are:

-Not ready to make little changes that will have big impacts

-Who thrive on the ups and downs of caffeine and sugar
-Able to live with excuses for their symptoms 
-Who do not want to change how they feel


What's Included?

When you work with Tania and book a consultation, you will leave with an understanding of what you can do today to start eating better and living better, what to avoid to decrease inflammation and with someone in your corner who has been in your shoes and understands life as a whole. 

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Meet Tania

Hey! I'm a mom-of-four, an outdoor enthusiast, sports fan, a yogi, a paddleboard teacher, and a Nutritionist. 

As a multi-passionate woman, I don't want anything holding me back from living the life I want. When I was younger, I struggled with digestive issues and stressors that impacted my daily life.  I tried every detox and diet out there to feel better, but it wasn't until I received an Hons. Degree in Nutrition, practiced mindfulness, and put my lessons into action that I started feeling better. 

Now, I love sharing my story so that I can inspire and educate others in their health journey. 


What Other's Are Saying

"Suffering from chronic pain and fatigue is sometimes overwhelming, but the healthy habits and modifications I made working with Tania have had a huge impact. My energy is much better, especially in the late afternoon and evening. And guess what, pain is a lot more manageable."

"Overall, Tania, I'm feeling grateful! Thank you for working with me. I haven't been perfect, but it has raised my awareness about my choices and habits. Thank you so much."


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Image by Priscilla Du Preez



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